Plan & Tariff

A: Please click here for more details on our tariff plans for your region

A: Please click here for more details on Spectranet 4G LTE devices available in your region

A: Please click here for more details on Spectranet 4GLTE devices available in your region

A: To Purchase Spectranet Modem + Sim Card You require: 1. One of the following: International passport, Valid ID card, Voter card 2. Passport photograph
For corporate customer you require
1. Memorandum & Article of Association
2. Income tax returns
3. Power of Attorney ( Name of Authorized Signatory)  

A: Capabilities on multiple sub marine cables for resilience

A: Yes! Spectranet 4GLTE services are portable and can be used anywhere within our coverage areas with ease.

A: To enjoy Spectranet 4G LTE, following 3 pre-requisite are required to be fulfilled:
  • Desktop / Laptop, ipad or Smartphone with minimum System Requirements
  • Spectranet 4G LTE Access Device (WiFi CPE, Mifi or Freedom USB)
  • Must be within Spectranet 4GLTE Coverage area

A: Spectranet 4GLTE WiFi CPE is a Plug and Play device that you need to purchase in order to enjoy Spectranet 4GLTE services either directly from Spectranet or from its Authorised Resellers.

A: Upon successful subscription to Spectranet 4G LTE services, you will obtain a box containing the WiFi CPE. The box includes one Installation Guide, one CPE, one Power Adapter and one Ethernet Cable.

A: Yes. You need to buy a Spectranet device.

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