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Unified Stay Connected Plan (FAQ)

When can I apply for UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED 50GB plan?

A: All Spectranet users on any existing commercial plan can opt for the plan at any time before or after expiry date of existing subscription.

Who can apply for UNIFIED VALUE 50GB Plan?

A: UNIFIED VALUE 50GB plan is presently available to all customers on any commercial plans.

I want to change to UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED plan. What should I do?

A: As a Spectranet user, you have the following options to change to UNIFIED Value 50GB plan or vice-versa

  • Login to Spectranet Self-care at your convenience. Ensure your account is adequately funded or add payment using Self-care Refill Account option. Choose Renew Account Immediately | Different Plan on Account Summary page. Select UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED plan and Submit. Your plan will be changed to UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED plan and new expiry date will be set.
  • Visit any Spectranet Shop to make payment to your account and request change of plan to UNIFIED VALUE 50GB plan.
  • Visit any Spectranet Channel Partner shops to make payment to your account and request change of plan to UNIFIED VALUE 50GB plan.

Can I choose to opt out of the UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED plan?

A: Spectranet user can choose to change back to any UNIFIED VALUE data capped plan at any instance.

Is Data Rollover Applicable On The UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED?

A: Yes. Data Roll Over is applicable as per Spectranet Roll Over terms and conditions. Visit:https://spectranet.com.ng/rollover

Are There Any Other Condition Which I Should Be Aware of, As A Spectranet User On UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED 50gb Plan?

A: Yes, free unlimited night browsing applies from 1 am – 8 am. More so, Spectranet reserves the right to limit download speed to 8 Mbps for the first 50GB in view of maintaining uniform service levels for all customers.

Post usage of 50GB on the unified Stay Connect Plan FUP of 512KBPS will no longer be available. Users will be required to do a top-up plan to have access to the internet.

Will I also benefit from the Double Data offer if I renew on the UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED 50GB?

A: Yes. Double data is available if renewal on the Unified Stay Connected 50GB is posted during 100% Bonus Offer.

Is there FUP on the Unlimited Free Night Browsing package.

A: The Free Unlimited Night Browsing package has 200GB FUP post which speed throttles at 512kbps.

Can I top-up my Data after my allocated data is exhausted on the UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED.

A: Yes. Data top-up applies once allocated data is exhausted or while there is available data. Note: Data Top up will not extend Validity of Plan

Can I enjoy the Unlimited Night Browsing after exhausting my Allocated Data (Day Time Data) on the UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED?

No. Unlimited Night Browsing between 1am and 8am will only be available when Day time data is not exhausted.

My account was renewed over 30 minutes on the UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED and the Bonus data is yet to reflect.

Bonus Data will be added within 30 minutes of Renewal, but post this time you may Please write to us at care@spectranet.com.ng or call the helpdesk number: 07002345678 for prompt resolution

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