Unlimited Gold Plan (FAQ) | Spectranet

Unlimited Gold Plan (FAQ)

Who can apply for UNLIMITED GOLD plan?

A: UNLIMITED GOLD plan is presently available to customers on any commercial plans.

When can I apply for UNLIMITED GOLD plan?

A: Spectranet user on an existing commercial plan can opt for UNLIMITED GOLD plan at any time before or after expiry date of existing subscription validity.

I want to change to UNLIMITED GOLD plan. What should I do?

A: As a Spectranet user you have the following options to change to UNLIMITED GOLD plan or vice-versa

  • Login to Spectranet Selfcare at your convenience. Ensure your account is adequately funded or add payment using Selfcare Refill Account option. Choose Renew Account Immediately | Different Plan on Account Summary page. Select UNLIMITED GOLD plan and Submit. Your plan will be changed to UNLIMITED GOLD plan and new expiry date will be set.
  • Visit any Spectranet Shop to make payment to your account and request change of plan to UNLIMITED GOLD plan.
  • Visit any Spectranet Channel Partner shops to make payment to your account and request change of plan to UNLIMITED GOLD plan.

What will happen to the Data Balance I have on my account? Will I lose it?

A: Data balance as available on Spectranet user’s account on date of “Plan Change” will be “Stored” separately.

Can I choose to leave UNLIMITED GOLD plan? 

A: Spectranet user can choose to change back to any UNIFIED VALUE data capped plan at any instance.

I am using an OLD commercial plan which is not being sold by Spectranet anymore. Can I change back to same plan?

A: Spectranet user on plan other than UNIFIED VALUE needs to choose UNIFIED VALUE plan when changing from UNLIMITED GOLD plan. Data balance “Stored” in Spectranet User’s account will be added to the New UNIFIED VALUE plan chosen by customer.

I want to change from UNLIMITED GOLD plan back to my original plan (before changing to UNLIMITED GOLD plan). Will I get my stored data balance?

A: Data balance stored in account on the date of changing to UNLIMITED GOLD plan, will be added to Spectranet User’s account.

I want to change to a different UNIFIED VALUE plan. Will I get my data balance before I changed to UNLIMITED GOLD plan? 

A: If Spectranet user chooses a different capped plan, stored data volume will be lost.

Does this plan have any Fair Usage Policy (FUP), if yes after how much of data consumption it applies and what will be the speed after FUP?

A: Unlimited burstable speed is assigned to all customers between 0-100GB and speed reduces to 512 Kbps after 100GB is utilized.

Are there any other condition which I should be aware of, as a Spectranet user on UNLIMITED GOLD plan?

A: Spectranet reserves the right to limit download speed to 8 Mbps for the first 100GB in view of maintaining uniform service levels for all customers. When Spectranet user changes back to original data capped plan, the “Stored” data will get added to user’s account after renewal.